6 Hacks to Travel on a Budget

6 Hacks to Travel on a Budget

We all want to travel. But most of us can’t afford it. One way to do it on a budget is by using these 6 hacks that will help you save money and enjoy your time abroad.

Book airline tickets early – If you book with a budget airline or even an expensive one, the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it will be.

Avoid eating at touristy hot spots – Restaurants near most major attractions tend to charge more because they know that people who come there are usually willing to pay for convenience and location. Try going off track from where all of those tourists go and find some street food instead!

Use public transportation as much as possible – Trains, buses, trams, metros… If it’s cheap enough and gets you around town without wasting time sitting in traffic then take advantage of public transport while traveling on a budget. You can save both money AND travel faster this way (which also means covering more ground which equals experience more in less time).

Stay in hostels – If you’re young or just adventurous, then staying at a hostel can be an amazing budget travel experience. You’ll get to meet other people and save money on things like breakfast which are often included when booking your room there. Plus, the more friends you make while traveling abroad the cheaper it becomes!

Cook for yourself – Eating out every night of your trip is expensive so save some cash buy buying groceries before leaving home (or once you arrive) and cooking all of your meals by yourself during that week/month etc. This way, not only will it cut down costs, but also allow you to try new recipes from different countries with ingredients that are mostly locally sourced. There’s nothing better than being able to say that you’ve eaten authentic food from the place that you’re visiting!

Use credit/debit card for payment – Withdrawing cash every day can be a pain in the neck if your bank charges high fees and uses unfavourable exchange rates. Using an international debit or even better… Credit cards is expensive but it gives you additional protection against fraud and theft which means not having to worry as much about losing money on things like pick-pocketing.